Write Better Articles With This Basic Article & Blog Post Template

Writing great articles isn’t always easy, but there is an easy way to ensure that you always include each of the most important article elements. This template can serve as a starting point for any article or blog post you have to write, from simple advice style posts to complicated guides. Give it a try. Then, let me know what you think in the comments section below. Continue reading

Track Your Goals with This Easy to Use Template

No matter how big or small your goals may be, you  are much more likely to achieve them if you do 3 simple things.

  1. Write them down
  2. Divide them into manageable chunks or milestones
  3. Check in on them frequently, tracking your progress as you go.

Though each of these steps is fairly easy, many people put off setting and working toward their goals, simply because they don’t have a system in place to define, plan, and track their progress.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone.  Continue reading

Basic Article Conclusion Template

Write Great Article Conclusions with this Free Template

In the last post, I shared with you my basic introduction template, a catchall template that can be used to write articles on nearly any subject you can think of. Today, I’m tackling the opposite end of the article, the conclusion.

Like the introduction template, the conclusion template is a collection of things to touch on or consider when writing an article, review, or blog post. You can use it to create strong article conclusions that engage readers and inspire them to act.  Continue reading

How to Write an Article Using a Template


Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple way to cut your writing time in half?

Actually, there is.

I’m talking about templates.

As a freelance writer, blogger, and editor, I use a lot of templates. I have templates for article queries, job proposals, contracts, product descriptions, reviews, blog posts, and of course, articles. I use these templates in all of my creative work, from freelance projects to personal blog posts. I rarely start a project without either creating or tweaking a template.

When I first started writing professionally, I believed, as many people do, that templates limit creativity. It’s a popular myth that using templates results in writing that is rigid, boring, and amateurish. Some people even believe that using a template is cheating or lazy. I believed that once, too. But I know better now.

When used correctly, a template can be an amazingly helpful tool in your writing endeavors. A  well made  template gives your article structure without sacrificing creativity. It ensures that you include all of the most important elements, allowing you to focus on   content, safe in the knowledge that the resulting article will be well structured and organized. With a template, you can spend less time worrying about how to write your articles and more time actually writing them!

So, what’s the catch? Continue reading

NrdFeed Templates and Tips

New Templates are coming and they’re going to be fun!

Over the past few months, I’ve had the honor of working with the talented, passionate writers at NrdFeed as one of the editors for their website.

If you’re new to NrdFeed, it’s a fun blog style website that features articles, images, memes, trivia quizzes, and more on popular nerd fandoms, like Anime, Comic Books, Comic Book Movies, Tabletop Games, Video Games, Cosplay, and popular TV series.  Along with my editing duties, I”m also working to set up NrdFeed’s new Sci-Fi category.

It’s a great opportunity and one I’ve been enjoying very much. I’ve been impressed by the enthusiasm of the writers and love helping them learn and improve. To better serve the Nrdfeed writers, I’ve been writing a comprehensive NrdFeed Writer’s Guide with tons of advice, guidance, and tips on how to write great articles, reviews, fandom guides, and news posts. The guide will also feature a collection of article templates to help NrdFeed writers structure their articles, reviews, and other posts quickly and easily. Continue reading


Hi, I’m Brinna! I’m glad you stopped by my blog. I know that your time is precious, so I’ll keep this short. I created this blog to serve two purposes.

  1. To serve as a website and portfolio for my professional writing business
  2. To share resources, templates, guides, and advice with other writers, bloggers, business owners, and students.

Like most writers, I’m constantly working to improve my skills as a writer, researcher, and editor. This means I come across a lot of great resources worth sharing and learn lessons others could benefit from. I also create a lot of my own tools, including checklists, spreadsheets, outlines, and templates. These are the resources I use to create my own articles, blog posts, product descriptions, reviews, and guides, and I want to share them with you.

Why would I give these things away without so much as an email address in return?

Because, I can.

I don’t need to hide away my professional secrets in order to be successful. I only need to write great content, effectively market my services, and meet (or better yet, exceed) the expectations of my clients. As long as I do that, it doesn’t matter how many people are using my templates and tools. I’ll be fine. Besides, sharing these resources can actually help me.

Say I post a set of templates designed to help business owners write a better landing page. Many of the biz owners visiting my page will take the information and use it to write their own landing page. But others will simply see that I know what I’m doing and hire me to write their landing pages for them. Everybody wins.

So, what’s in it for you?

That depends on what you need. As I write and post this, the blog is still a bit bare, but as time goes on, I’ll be adding lots of resources for many different types of writers, turning each of the categories below into actual blog post categories, complete with links. Feel free to check back later or subscribe to my mailing list to get updates sent right to your email.

Business Owners – Resources and templates for writing landing pages, business blogs, company bios, professional bios, FAQ’s, sales letters, and more.

Ecommerce Site Owners – Resources and templates for writing product descriptions, reviews for affiliate products, store category descriptions, product guides, and more.

Freelance Writers – Resources and templates for business writing, job proposals, sales letters, professional bios, portfolio cover letters, timesheets, invoices, and more.

Blog and Article Writers – Resources and templates for writing blog posts, website pages, online articles, magazine articles, guides, interviews, reviews and more.

NrdFeed Writers – Resources and templates for writing fandom articles, news, reviews, guides, social media posts, and other articles.

Fiction Writers – Resources and templates for writing novels and short stories, submission queries, cover letters, and more.

Students – Resources and templates for writing academic papers and reference pages using popular document formats including APA. (Important note: this is the one type of writing I do NOT offer as a service. While I’ll share resources to help you write better academic papers, I am not available to write them for you.)

Job Seekers – Resources and templates for writing resumes and C.V.’s, cover letters, charming notes, and other job-related correspondences.

And that’s it! I hope you find these resources useful. If you do, I’d love to hear about it. You can email me at BrinnaWrites@hotmail.com any time or stop by my facebook, twitter, or google+ pages to say hi. 🙂

Looking for a writer? You’ve come to the right place! I provide original, creative content at reasonable prices. Check out my professional writing services page or send me an email using the form below.

Send me a message! I’d love to hear from you. 🙂