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As a freelance writer, editor, and blogger, I’m constantly creating templates, outlines, and worksheets that I use time and time again. These resources have been so useful to me over the years that I’ve started sharing them with other writers. Often, they find them just as useful as I do. Now, I want to share them with anyone who might find them useful; freelance writers, beauty bloggers, movie critics, students, teachers, novelists, and more.

So, I’m posting them all here for you to use in your own articles, blog posts, product reviews, and descriptions. These templates are free to copy, save, and print for your own use. Feel free to link to them in your posts and on social media if you find them useful. And if they help you in your creative work, please consider sponsoring their creation with Patreon for $1 per month.

Just getting started with templates? Check out:

How to Write Articles Using Templates


Have a question about these templates? Check out the Template F.A.Q. 

You can also request specific templates or worksheets here.


Free Templates and Worksheets:

Basic Article Introduction Template

Basic Article Conclusion Template

Basic Article or Blog Post Template

More templates and worksheets are coming soon! Check back later or subscribe to get email updates sent right to your email inbox. 🙂


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